Shallow Beach Entertainment Inc. most recent project is Life's A Drag. An excellent comedy about a drag queen. We would like to thank everyone who worked on this project.
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Life's A Drag

“Life's a Drag (When You're a Man in a Dress)” is a 90-minute feature film about a drag queen who gets into a custody battle over the 12-year-old daughter his ex-wife never told him about. Comedy.


Hillary in '08

"Hillary in '08" (What She Really Thinks!) is a new series of Webisodes And Mobisodes.

To watch some episodes online now click on this link!

Santa and the Lost Princess of Santopia

“ Santa and the Lost Princess of Santopia ” totally re-imagines the legend of Santa Claus and Christmas itself. Santa lives in his kingdom in the sky, Santopia, which is surrounded on all sides by the Forest of Gloom.


The Morning Show

“THE MORNING SHOW” is an 80-minute feature film (and pilot for a cable series) that takes an edgy, satiric, comic look at the vicious politics and bi-polar personalities of the people involved with a New York-based network morning news program.

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Becoming Quentin

"BECOMING QUENTIN" is a chronicle of novelist David Leddick's journey to create a one-man musical stage show about his 20 year friendship with British raconteur Quentin Crisp.

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Product Placement

"PRODUCT PLACEMENT" is a live action short about a director and his star / lover who are on their way to Miami International to catch a flight to New York to sign a product placement deal for their new indie movie, “Invasion of the Biscayne Babies” when the drawbridge on the Venetian Causeway suddenly goes up, blocking their way. There's nothing to do but … talk

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The Snake Bite

"THE SNAKE BITE" is an animated short about Bette Davis and Tallulah Bankhead who encounter a medical emergency on a dark road one night.

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Midnight News

"MIDNIGHT NEWS" is a live action short about a late-night news team that keeps busy reporting on a series of violent crimes on Miami Beach's exclusive La Gorce Island.

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