A New Series Of Webisodes And Mobisodes.



Hillary finds out she's a Scorpio.


Episode 2Save the Date

Two fund-raisers compare notes.


Episode 4 A Black Man, a Woman, a Jew

Our wealthy businessmen discuss the ethnic variety present this election cycle.

Episode 5Gay Marriage?

Luattitude Buttress, Hillary's lesbian campaign manager, on the sensitive issue.

Episode 6 Flyover States 

Our Republican bigwig explains to his Democratic friend why Republicans win in the so-called “flyover states.”

Episode 7Don't Rain on My Parade

Hillary thinks best in the shower.

Episode 8 The Force  

Our two rich guys discuss “Vanity Fair's” way of handling the Democratic candidates.

Episode 9The Hair Queen

Hillary's poodle, top Dog, gets groomed.

Episode 10Golda, My Golda!

Hillary sees her shrink, Dr. Angelica Flutterberg.