Shallow Beach Entertainment, Inc. works with various creative artist in order to produce our many projects. All of our staff are freelance and we work together in order to design, produce, market, and expand our videos. We are always looking for new talent. If you are interested in working with us please send us your resume and portfolio.
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Creative Staff
Andrew Delaplaine - Director/Writer

ANDREW DELAPLAINE is a writer/director living on South Beach. He is developing several live action and animated projects for cable TV as well as several short and feature films.

In the past, with his sister Renee, he has owned a restaurant on South Beach (Scratch), a nightclub (Warsaw Ballroom), a newpaper (The Wire), among other enterprises.

He now works full-time on entertainment projects.

Renee Delaplaine - Executive Producer

RENEE DELAPLAINE is the executive producer of several SBE projects.

Sophie Delaplaine - Co-writer/Voices
  SOPHIE DELAPLAINE is co-writer of all Amanda Demanda episodes, and is the voice character for Amanda.
Lazaro Amaral - Senior Art Director

LAZARO AMARAL is senior Art Director for SBE. A painter and sculptor based in South Florida, he provides many of the character renderings for SBE animated projects,as well as the highly detailed artwork provided to the animators.


James Cubby

JAMES CUBBY works on various Shallow Beach projects.


George Mangrum - Writer
  GEORGE MANGRUM, a writer based in the Atlanta area, contributes to MUSCLEHEAD and other SBE projects.
Michael Stavely - Animator
  MICHAEL STAVELY is an animator based in Los Angeles who also works with SBE on MUSCLEHEAD series.
Miguell Sallons - Audio
  MIGUELL SALLONS provides audio recording services for SBE.
Rafael Roig - Voices
  RAFAEL ROIG, a respected performance artist in Miami, is the voice for Sara Succubus in THE MORNING SHOW, as well as the voice for Marilyn Airhair. This gifted actor is also Puteca de Monde in MUSCLEHEAD.
Rafael Salguero - Voices
  RAFAEL SALGUERO, an interior designer, voices the character of "Ho" in MUSCLEHEAD and Andres del Himmler in TINY MANOS.
Recognition Media
  RECOGNITION MEDIA (Keith & Kerry Burt, Bryan O'Malley), a "one-stop-shop" production company for Internet services and support based in Hollywood (FL), provides extensive post production and web-hosting services to SBE.
Carolyn Merry - Webmaster
CAROLYN MERRY is the web designer and webmaster for all of Shallow Beach projects. She is currently based in Los Angeles.
VTM Productions

VTM PRODUCTIONS (Miami Beach) provides post-production recording services to SBE.


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