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Shallow Beach Entertainment, Inc. is based in South Beach (Miami). We develop live-action and animated programming for distribution and licensing on the Internet and for future development into long-form for broadcast tv, for cable, and for feature films.
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Life's A Drag

“Life's a Drag (When You're a Man in a Dress)” is a 90-minute feature film about a drag queen who gets into a custody battle over the 12-year-old daughter his ex-wife never told him about. Comedy.

Website: http://www.drag-movie.com

Hillary in '08

"Hillary in '08" (What She Really Thinks!) is a new series of Webisodes And Mobisodes.

To watch some episodes online now click on this link!

Santa and the Lost Princess of Santopia

“ Santa and the lost Princess of Santopia ” totally re-imagines the legend of Santa Claus and Christmas itself. Santa lives in his kingdom in the sky, Santopia, which is surrounded on all sides by the Forest of Gloom.

Website: http://www.theredgloves.com



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